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Take in the view from Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge also known as Paul Doumer Bridge, is the first steel bridge cross the Red River, connecting the two districts of Hoan Kiem and Long Bien, was built by Gustave Eiffel, the father of Eiffel Tower in Paris (1898-1902). Long Bien Bridge has witnessed important milestones in the two biggest wars of Vietnam. The bridge was designed with a single rail running in the middle and flanked by two lanes for bicycles and pedestrians. This bridge has become a memorable part of the mind of every people living in Hanoi.

Long Bien Bridge

It’s great to see dramatic Red river sunset from the bridge. The golden rays of sunlight blending with the ancient brown color of Long Bien Bridge create a romantic scene on the river that no other place has. This place is an inspiration for photographers, attracting a lot of visitors to Hanoi to check-in. Don’t miss the beautiful photos here.

Walking along the bridge, you will see the green mudflats with banana gardens, vast vegetable fields. Opposite is the modern Chuong Duong Bridge, which is loud and noisy. Especially on Long Bien Bridge, there are still street vendors selling some gifts from the countryside such as mango, guavas or shrimp, fish caught on the river.

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