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Have a Beer Hoi

Bia Hoi (light Vietnamese draft beer) has long been an indispensable beverage for Vietnamese people. To enjoy Hanoi Draft Beer, we do not need to go to expensive restaurants, we can easily enjoy these cool draft beers anywhere. A decent beer does not need much, just with a few plastic chairs, a beer container and mugs, a few more snacks.
It can be said that the mug is the most suitable beer to drink. This cup is blown from recycled glass pieces with the characteristics of a cigar shape, no handle, handle is relatively full and firm. The image of the beer mugs, along with the flow of history, has been in use since the 1960s and until now, it is still one of the first images to be mentioned when people search for the beauty of beer culture.

Beer Hoi Hanoi

For that reason, Hanoi Beer is embedded and deeply ingrained in the minds of Ha Thanh people, even, there is already a street named Hanoi Draft Beer Street, Vietnamese call “Bia hơi vỉa hè”.

Visiting a Hanoi beer corner with a beer street named Ta Hien in the evening, we will definitely be surprised with an open space. Ta Hien Street is only about 100m long, but the shops are close together, crowded and the most famous downtown in the old town. We can easily order yourself a few bottles of all kinds, but the most unique thing in this street is cheap draft beer – grass beer – cold beer or carbonated iced tea as the way of calling many foreign tourists, because the price of a beer is only marginally better than regular ice tea. Ta Hien beer is not a scrumptious beer or has a very special taste but mixed with the sweet and bitter taste of beer is a unique taste of Hanoi sidewalk culture.

Beer Hoi Hanoi

Ta Hien Beer is also a gathering place for international tourists, you can freely sit and talk to them like a longtime friend by saying, or sometimes just a look, a smile or a handshake. Hanoi people or international visitors love Ta Hien beer not only because of its beer but also because of the atmosphere, the intersection of culture, the cohesion of borderless friendships.

Hanoi Beer Hoi

Ta Hien beer has become a unique cultural feature of Hanoi. The street is hot with lively music but not too noisy, retaining its ancient features. Therefore, people who go far always remember it.

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