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One Pillar Pagoda

One Pillar Pagoda was built in 1049 in Dien Huu pagoda relics located by One Pillar Pagoda Street, near to Ho Chi Minh President Mausoleum, Ba Dinh District.

Legend has it that King Ly Thai Tong (1028 – 1054) was old but he had no son. One night, the King dreamed about Guan Yin Buddha sitting on a lotus, carrying a boy and giving it to the king. Shortly after, the queen gave birth to a son. The king built a lotus-shaped pagoda and named it Dien Huu Pagoda.

One Pillar Pagoda has a unique architecture: a square wooden floor, put on a stone pillar in the middle of the pond. Around the stone pillar, there is a system of curved iron wood bars to support the floor; thus, the entire structure looks like a lotus upright from the water.

The current One Pillar Pagoda is only a part of Dien Huu Pagoda architectural complex, which was a Buddhist architectural structure in front of the pagoda. Originally it was an octagonal stone pillar on the ground (the courtyard in front of the pagoda); the sides of the stone pillar were carved with Buddhist scriptures; the top of the pillar was a lotus and a statue of Guan Yin Buddha (without the worship floor).
Today, along with the Temple of Literature, One Pillar Pagoda (restored in 1954), is commonly used as a symbol of thousand-year culture Hanoi.

One Pillar Pagoda (Dien Huu or Lien Hoa Pagoda) is a special relic, a symbol of the capital, with the long history and cultural and spiritual values.

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